Welcome to my website. I appreciate you stopping by to learn more about my contemporary, erotic romance series, Swept Away.

For me, writing began as a dream. Right after I read “Fifty Shades of Grey,” three times…well five, but whose counting, I kept dreaming about Alexander Skarsgard from, “True Blood.” I know, right! The dream was always the same. He showed up to take my spin class in a black leather jacket. I had on a workout top and no pants! The wheels started turning. I figured why not pair a feisty fitness instructor with a dirty little mouth and a Hollywood heartthrob with an ass that just won’t quit. That’s how Nia Kelly and Derek Pierce were born. Nia’s secret past and Derek’s hectic career set the stage for a roller coaster ride filled with humor, heat, angst, and a hint of mystery.

Thanks again for popping by! Please put your feet up and have a look around.