Table For Six

Sitting here comes at a price.

Five romance authors, one TikTok influencer, and a dead body at a book signing.

For authors, The Rock and Roll Romance book signing in Las Vegas is a coveted invite. Best sellers, wannabes, and writers needing a comeback, view this event as an exclusive seat at the popular table.

Gillian Stark used to be one of the cool kids. She had it all, and then lost it all after she made one fatal mistake on Facebook. One post on behalf of her author “friend,” Sydney Hart, turned her into the pariah of the romance book world.

With the help of TikTok influencer, Ava Winters, Gillian hopes to return to the top of the best sellers list after her three-year absence.

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It’s Always the Husband

Nestled on the edge of Hope Ridge, Pennsylvania, is an exclusive, upscale neighborhood called The Heights. From the outside, the residents of The Heights lead a charmed life, enjoying a lavish lifestyle in their grand homes, but behind closed doors they all have secrets.

When true crime buff, Bella Wright, moves into the neighborhood with her husband, Jack, she makes fast friends with her neighbors. The women of The Heights waste no time sharing their problems with Bella. Her kind, empathetic nature makes her a perfect sounding board.

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Killer Revenge

When New Yorker, Abby Bradshaw, visits her sister, Amy, for the summer in Hope Ridge, she’s looking forward to a break, a chance to heal, and some peace. Abby has been through the emotional ringer and needs a breather, an opportunity to push the reset button. What she gets instead…

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Power Play

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

When the bad boy of the NHL, Zack Parker, lands himself in a public relations nightmare, his manager hatches a foolproof plan to get him out of trouble. With Zack’s hockey career in limbo, he reluctantly agrees to compete on a reality TV show called The Stars of Ballroom.

At the end of the day, Zack figures he’ll slog his way through the first week, get voted off and everyone will forget about his latest scandal, plus he’ll score a brand-new contract with the Vegas Royals.

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